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No 2 – more things to consider when creating your wedding invites


Following on from yesterday’s tips for choosing or creating the perfect invitation the next things we discuss with our couples are…

2. Choosing a style and theme:  Think about the key aspects of the day that could be incorporated into your invitations.Where and when is your wedding taking place? Could the season of your ceremony be incorporated. Is it a traditional ceremony or is it taking place somewhere unusual? Do you want classic wording for a church wedding with intricate details, or are you are more contemporary, minimal people who like modern fonts and bold colour.  If you are having a casual wedding on a beach then perhaps you might want an ocean related style with sea shells and cool blues. If  (like my husband and I did) you’re having an evening ceremony, then you might want to consider a tone of voice and perhaps tone of colours to reflect that. And the obvious but great identifier is colour, whether that’s the colour of flowers, colour of bridemaids or colour of your dress…..whether you use all or just one of these aspects, they will help to make sure your invitations are as unique as you are.

more to follow after Brothers and Sisters (if I don’t fall asleep straight after).


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