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Tip 3: creating the perfect invite.


Later than promised – sorry i’ve been slacking! Here’s my third tip/questions you should be considering when choosing your invitations or briefing your invitation designer.

3. Shape, size, format and coordinating stationery.

When you visualise your invitations, how do you see them? Are they traditional landscape single leaf cards, square greetings card style, or something a bit more unusual in a creative shape like a fan, flower or seashell? There are endless possibilities, but a useful thing to remember is that generally the more complex the format the more they will cost you. If you are working to a budget (and who isn’t!?) then we would recommend opting for a simple format so that you can create coordinating stationery to match your invitations, rather than blowing all the budget on the initial invitation.  This will allow you to keep your design theme running throughout all communications with your guests plus help style your venue with place name cards, table names, menus and table plans etc.

When deciding on size, it’s useful to have the information you want to include on your invitations already drafted (or at least underway)…if you’ve decided on incorporating poems or song lyrics then you may find you need a larger format than you first thought. Or you may be surprised how minimal you can keep your invitations if you are clever with how you send out your additional information. Some couples we’ve been speaking to lately have preferred to send a simple invitation to their guests and then rather than sending reply cards, menu choices and directions out with them, they’ve designed a wedding website so that guests can log on and find out everything they need to know and email their acceptances and food choices.

This all seems like a lot to think about, but it’s all information that we can help guide you through so that you make the right choice for your big day….that’s what we’re here for.


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