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When should I send out my wedding invitations?


Gone are the days when brides sent their invitations 6 weeks before their big day.  As a general rule, we recommend that we start work on your invitations at least 4 months in advance. So even if the process of design takes a while, you’ll be sending them out 3 months before the big day. However  (unless of course you have a uber romantic whirlwind engagement and marry within a few weeks!) it is sensible to send your invitations out even further in advance of your ceremony if you can. Not just for the benefit of your guests, so that they may book time off work and in some circumstances save for the occasion (especially if you’re getting wed abroad for example), but also to try to avoid any last minute panics or stressful situations for you, such as guests not replying or worse still not even receiving the invitation  (we all know what the post is like!).

There are many things to consider though that will determine how soon you can or should send out your invitations. The time of year, the day of the week (many of us are choosing Thursdays and Fridays now) and especially where your ceremony is taking place. We were getting married near to Christmas, and so we wanted to make sure that we let people know in plenty of time as many of our friends tend to go and stay with relatives in the holidays and we would have been so disappointed if they couldn’t be there. Other busy times such as school holidays can also get very booked up in people’s diaries or guests may want to arrange childcare if little ones are not invited to the wedding (that’s a whole other discussion topic for another day! ). If you have guests that will have to travel a fair distance to attend and will require accommodation, then it’s definitely wise to give them as much notice as possible so that they are able to arrange this.

So what would we recommend? If you have all information confirmed including your venue and times of ceremony and reception then you could (as Briz and I did) send your invites out as much as 8 months in advance of your ceremony. If, as is often likely, at that stage you are still deciding on details, possibly even the venue, then save the date cards are your saviour! Simple little notices that tell people when you’re getting married and that you’ll be sending them more information soon. At least then you can sleep easy while you deliberate on the venue, the time, the food, the entertainment and all those other finer details that tend to keep us girls awake or having cold sweats in the middle of the night. I see save the dates more as save the stress cards!

I’ll post some tips on what to include in the invites and when to send out further information etc on another post.


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