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About Us

A note from us both. We are Saz and Briz…a husband and wife duo. We run a wedding stationery company called Flatfive Invitations. We started the business based on the experience we went through when planning our big day and designing our own wedding invitations. We realised how important the stationery was to our theme, but also how stressful the whole planning process could be… we decided we could help take the stress out of the stationery side of things and offer gorgeous contemporary designs into the bargain! Enter

A note from Saz: I started this blog to talk about all things stationery and soon realised that (having come across many issues when planning our own wedding) I was able to offer advice, tips and supplier recommendations for other things too. Plus, I love talking about weddings, so having this avenue stops me ranting at poor Briz all day about the latest “Stunning” dress I’ve seen or how “I wish I could have worn blue shoes!”

We hope you find this blog useful, but above all, we hope it helps stop some of you worrying about your big day as much as we did and enjoy creating your perfect wedding, wherever you’re planning to tie the knot. xxx

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